Hands of Imagination

Wearable Art & Sustainable Design at it's finest

Queen of hearts hat hand made by Leanne Carroll from Hands of Imagination worn by Kelly Ann Doll

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Mad Hatter millinery by Leanne Carroll Hands of Imagination

This is a love story not just any love story, this is a story of how Hands A.K.A Hands of Imagination developed under the twinkling stars of Byron Bay into its amazing Floral & Hire romance.

tropical flower design from Leanne Carroll Byron Bay Florist

Sometimes you just know it’s time to let things go so you can make room for the new to fly in, Hands knew that making and repurposing clothes was on the way out yet her love for her millinery was developing and her romance with Floral was merging her two best gifts to share with the world.

Byron Bay Florist Leanne Carroll with her floral eternity hoop

Hands tipped her Hat to Floral and it was love at first site, they embraced… spellbound by each other’s energy, like two old souls but two new lovers they became each other’s world and just like that under the stars of Byron Bay on a balmy summers night the mermaids released their enchantment spell upon them to create Hands 4 Floral

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